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Summit Radon and Mold Solutions is dedicated to protecting residential and commercial properties with a range of professional testing, mitigation, and install services. We strive to complete our proposals quickly and accurately, and we install systems that weather the test of time in our unique  environment.

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Our Services

Our Services

At Summit Radon and Mold Solutions, we offer a variety of professional testing, mitigation, and install services. Our solutions include:

Radon Testing

We provide accurate and reliable radon testing services to identify if your property has high levels of radon.

Asbestos Testing

Protect your loved ones and ensure a safe living environment with our professional asbestos testing service, providing accurate and reliable results for peace of mind.

Radon Mitigation

Our team of experts will design and install a radon mitigation system that best fits your property's needs.

Mold Inspections & Remediation

Mold inspection and remediation provide thorough assessments and solutions to eliminate mold growth and improve indoor air quality.

Crawlspace Encapsulations

Transform your musty crawlspace into a clean and dry area with our services, improving indoor air quality and preventing moisture-related issues.

Crawlspace Cleanup

Reclaim your crawlspace from dirt, debris, and potential hazards with our efficient cleanup service, restoring cleanliness and promoting a healthier space.

Sump Pit Installation

Ensure a dry and protected basement with our expert  installation service, effectively preventing water damage and flooding for ultimate peace of mind.

Interior & Exterior Drainage Issues

Solve your drainage issues  with our comprehensive service, effectively managing water flow and safeguarding your property from potential damage.

Insulation Installs

Experience enhanced comfort and energy efficiency with our professional installation, effectively sealing gaps and reducing heat loss for optimal insulation performance.


"Ned and his team worked very quickly, doing the whole job in one day. They were friendly, respectful of our space and cleaned up everything perfectly. Best of all, our system works great — radon level is down from over 10 to less than 1. Ned has been very responsive to questions afterward, and I’m confident that if we have any issues (none anticipated), he’ll attend to them right away."

John Smith Residential Client

Ready to ensure your property is safe and efficient?

Contact us today to discuss your testing, mitigation, and install needs, and to learn more about our professional services and solutions.

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